Installing | Upgrading | Downgrading | Uninstalling Weave GitopsSets Controller on Workload/Leaf Clusters


If you are reading this it is likely because you wish to take advantage of the GitOpsSets Controller as a component of a Workload (or Leaf)  Cluster. This will allow tenants to deploy GitOpsSets to manage their workloads  directly on their clusters without requiring external intervention from the management cluster.


A kubernetes cluster of the appropriate distribution/release as that against which Weave GitOps is tested. Please see

Process: Installation

If you wish to manage the specifics of the controller you will need to review the values using these can be retrieved from the chart by running:
- helm show values age/weave-gitops-controller

The referenced helmrepository/helmrelease will need to be installed as part of a workload clusters application manifests. 

Process: Upgrade/Downgrade

If you need to upgrade/downgrade the GitOpsSets controller for any reason you can configure the controller version separately from the installation by adding the below configuration to the workload clusters application manifest directory. Please choose a version from

Amend the Helmrelease 'spec.chart.spec.version' value to the desired version to upgrade/downgrade to:


kind: HelmRelease


  name: gitopssets-controller

  namespace: flux-system





      version: 0.6.2

Follow you normal process to reconcile and update the installation.

Process: Uninstall

To uninstall the GitopsSets controller you can simply remove HelmRelease manifest from the workload clusters application directory. 

NOTE: Removing the controller will not remove reconciled workloads. There may be numerous resources which these would remove and we would advise to see all resources with the below labels: gitopssets-controller gitopssets-controller

using a query such as `kubectl get all --selector-key`

 We recommend that in the event you wish to remove all managed/reconciled workloads that prior to uninstalling you remove all gitopsset custom resources from the cluster whilst the CRD which these reference is still intact. This will ensure the GitopsSets controller removes the managed resources without the need for manual intervention.

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